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Making the Best Tree Selection

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Making the Best Tree Selection

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. -- Tree selection is one of the most important investment decisions that a homeowner makes when landscaping a new home or replacing a tree lost to damage or disease. Because most trees have the potential to outlive the people who planted them, the impact of this decision is long-term.

Before deciding what tree to plant, consider the following questions:

1. Why is the tree being planted?

  • Do you want the tree to provide shade, fruit, or seasonal color, or to act as a windbreak or screen? Maybe serve more than one function?
  • 2. What is the size and location of the planting site?

  • Does the space lend itself to a large, medium, or small tree?
  • Are there overhead or below ground wires or utilities in the vicinity?
  • Do you need to consider clearance for sidewalks, patios, or driveways?
  • Are there other trees in the area?
  • 3. What conditions exist?

  • Is the soil deep, fertile, and well-drained, or is it shallow, compacted, and infertile?
  • How much sunlight is available?
  • 4. What type of maintenance are you willing to provide?

  • Do you have time to water, fertilize, and prune the newly planted tree until it is established, or will you be relying on your garden or tree service for assistance?
  • Homeowners who are having difficulty answering any of these questions should contact an ISA Certified Arborist in their local area for assistance. The arborist will help you to plant the "right tree in the right place."

    The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), headquartered in Champaign, Ill., is a nonprofit organization supporting tree care research around the world. As part of ISA's dedication to the care and preservation of shade and ornamental trees, it offers the only internationally-recognized certification program in the industry. For more information, or to find a ISA Certified Arborist, visit


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    "What did the tree learn from the earth to be able to talk with the sky?" - Pablo Neruda


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